Dr Dafydd Bowen Gastroenterology


Gastroscopy is an endoscopic test into the stomach via the throat

This is an endoscopic test into the stomach. The oesophagus, stomach and duodenum may be examined. This test is useful to detect ulcers, cancers and to explains symptoms coming from the upper abdomen.

This test requires 6 hours of starvation and is done with local throat spray and sedation if desired. It is not painful but can be unpleasant as the endoscope crosses the swallowing muscle. Some may feel bloated as air is blown into the stomach to enable a thorough examination to take place. If sedation is chosen then you may not drive or undertake responsible duties for 24 hours.

The procedure takes up to 10 minutes at most. Biopsies can be taken commonly for coeliac disease, Barretts oesophagus and to check for the presence of Heliocobacter Pylori.

Following the procedure the local throat spray wears off and food and drink may be consumed again. This usually takes 30 minutes. If sedation is chosen then recovery is a little longer - up to an hour, however this can be quite variable.

Results are provided prior to departure and a follow up appointment will be arranged. Treatment may be advised at this point.